Stephen James Andrews

stephen james andrews

Stephen James Andrews

NOVEMBER 1ST, 1973 – APRIL 5TH, 2002

Stephen James Andrews was born on November 1st, 1973, in Oklahoma to parents Daniel D. Andrews and Lynda C. Andrews.  He attended Ridgecrest Elementary, where he met life-long friends Scott Griffith and Steve Madewell (Stephen later referred to the three of them as “The Ridgecrest Posse”).  His interest in sports began early, as he played on the school’s football team, basketball team, and the local soccer team, and even tried his hand at oil painting from time to time (this was whenever his older brother, Christopher, wasn’t dragging him into making one home-movie project or another, which often featured Stephen in a Superman outfit).

Leaving basketball and soccer behind, Stephen continued with football when he moved to Monroney Junior High.  While at Monroney, Stephen also spent time in the school band playing percussion, and he even made a brief foray into live theatre, appearing as a drummer in one play and as the comedic wicked step-mother (yes, step-mother) in another.

Moving on to Midwest City High School, Stephen discontinued band and theatre, but as always, he stuck with football, and played all the way through his Senior year.  He graduated from MCHS in 1992, along with Scott, Steve, and his future-sister-in-law, Yvonne Isaak.

Stephen then attended the University of Central Oklahoma, where he took up body-building – at his biggest, Stephen stood 6’4” and weighed nearly 300 lbs.  He graduated in 1997 with a degree in Criminal Justice.

During the next few years, as he contemplated which branch of law-enforcement to actively pursue (he was leaning toward applying for the F.B.I. or U.S. Marshall’s office) and interned at the Midwest City Police Department, Stephen began working at his father’s retail liquor store, where he eventually became Store Manager under his Dad.  He continued body-building (in 2001, Stephen served as one of the three Best Men at his brother’s wedding – by this time, he was so muscular that his tuxedo jacket had to be custom-designed specifically for him), and even took up Kung Fu.

On the very sad day of April 5th, 2002, Stephen took his own life.  So many people attended his funeral that they were, literally, standing in the aisles, walkways, and the vestibule.  Hundreds of people visited the funeral home, church, and cemetery to pay their respects.

Per his own wishes, Stephen was cremated.  His remains have been interred in Edmond, Oklahoma.

He is greatly missed.